3 Things Making Your Home Look Old-Fashioned

People prefer updated homes unless the old one is time-honored. Or else, aged home is just a monotonous piece of a structure with a roof and walls.

old fashioned color

In this world of rapid change, nothing really lasts much. Talking about home, when we go with some trend, the remodeling tasks done a year ago may look old and outdated when a new fad hits the town.

Some wall colors:

Decades ago, colors like hunter green, mauve, and peach were famous then. People had these colors in their living rooms, dining rooms, entire interior and so forth. But people do not find them attractive anymore. They are aged-say people these days.

Somehow, dark and bold colors also seem outdated. Remember when people painted dark red in their living and dining room a decade ago? We are not fond of these kinds of paint anymore.

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When you follow the fad, some other color trend will replace it in a few years. So better choose a neutral color you are inclined towards.  So replace those outdated paint that failed to stand the test of time.

Wood stained cabinets:

Maple or oak wood stained cabinet in the early 21st century was a thing. Those wooden cabinets with French carvings were what everyone craved to own in their home.

But these days, those kinds of wood-stained cabinets are just a way to make your home look time-worn out. Those old style drawers, pulls, knobs, latches, make your home look older.  And dents, gouges, and holes on cabinet’s surface make it appear worse.

If it is the time to replace your wooden cabinet, do it now. If you think your cabinet will stand some more years, at least replace the hardware with new ones.

A fresh coat of a good paint somehow helps to transform your antiquated wood-stained cabinet to something likable.

Pendant lighting:

Many houses made a decade ago or more have pendant lighting used in them. Those overhead lights hanging from the ceiling are just a geriatric type that today people detest.

People have replaced these kinds of lightings with table lighting, floor lamps, wall sconces, vanity lighting, other kinds of ceiling lighting, marquee lighting and more.

So if you feel your house is looking over aged, then turn your eyes on the pendant lighting that are dangling in your rooms. There are plenty of lighting options available to replace your unexciting lighting.

These three are the major factors that make your home look over aged. Other issues like wallpaper borders, some old aged backsplash, old aged carpets, etc. also impact on the overall appearance of your home.

It’s okay if you felt, “What was I doing?”  Maybe that was the fad at that time that today something else has replaced.

So if you are anxious about agedness your home is showing and want to revive it, well, you should concern about those old paints, old cabinets and furniture, lightings and more.

We help you breathe new life into your aged looking home in Florida. Call us if you need us.