4 Signs That Your Painting Has Gone Wrong

Many of us like to do some painting tasks ourselves. Forget huge ones, but we like to handle minor painting projects on our own. Painting a room, attic, or a specific part of your home – if it is small, you go forward for it. But many of us end up getting frustrated for failing to come up with your expectation.

wrong painting

Are you stuck in the middle of your painting project confused about whether the project is going all good or wrong?

These 4 things mean that your project is going the wrong track.

  • You are out of paint

If your paint supplies finish off before the project, well, you have certainly ended up getting into a problem. When you run out of your paint while you are halfway through your project, the time gap before applying remaining part of your walls also makes the difference.

Furthermore, preparing a new coat of paint identical to the first one might be difficult if you have mixed two different colors.

You prepare too much, you end up with excessive paint left out and you go with too little, you will run out the paint before the project completion. Therefore, at the beginning, you should be able to project the amount of paint you actually need.


  • Your other materials are covered in the patches of paints

If your furniture, upholsteries or other items in your room are covered with patches of paints, it means you lacked the preparation before commencing your painting project.

Pre work before painting is crucial. You can’t just bring in a bucket of paint and start rolling a brush onto the walls.

You should remove furniture and belongings from the painting room. Things that are irremovable should be well covered by a protective layer. Because sometimes paint stains in surfaces of some materials cannot be completely removed.

  • Imperfections all around

Was the wall smooth?

Smooth surface is essential for a smooth finish of paint. If your wall had imperfections and rough surface and you just painted over them, accept the fact that you made a mistake.

So if walls are uneven and bumpy, you should sand your wall and smoothen the wall before applying paint.


  • Dripping drops of paints to ruin your already painted area

Although most of us know it, I should include this as well in the list.

Let me remind you again, painting should start from the top and end at the bottom. If you start from the base and go to upper parts, the dripping of paint ruins already painted area.

Moreover, we opt for a different colored paint for specific part of the wall like the top, rim, etc. So, you know the mess that a different colored paint dripping over another color.


If you fail to meet up to your own expectation, the room just looks wrong. So be prepared well before applying paint on your walls and know about the mistakes to prevent for a better and beautiful result.