5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Painter

We cannot just pick a random painter and hand them our painting project. Besides reviewing their earlier works and asking for references, there are some questions you should ask your painting contractor. The answer you get from them decides how good they are for painting your property.



Are you licensed and insured?

Painters in Florida requires State’s contractor’s license. A contractor must pass a state exam for general contractors to get a license. Having a license means they are the genuine painting contractors that State has permitted to work. So ask them whether you can see their license or not. An authentic painting company is comfortable in showing its license.

Besides license, make sure that the company is bonded. Ask them if they have both public liability coverage and employer’s liability insurance. The public liability insurance compensates if the contractors do any damage to your property whereas the latter one covers the cost of their employees get injured or any accident happens whilst working on your project.


Do you have your own employee or hire sub-contractors?

If the company has its own employees, they must have put some effort in developing their skill and knowledge for long-term benefits. In simple words, they have quality.

However, there are contractors that hire sub-contractors right after they get a project. And who do they hire? Just any usual painter that they can get at minimal pay rate! And what do they end up with? The ones that have a little experience and are novices in the world of painting!


How many coats of paint will you be using?

Most of the paint manufacturers recommend us to use two coats of paint. Using a double coat of paint ensures the paint will hold up to natural elements like sun, wind, rain, snow, and humidity for a longer period of time.

Yet there are painters who opt to go for a single coat of paint. This will help them finish the project faster and save the paint as well. However, this lack of the precise thickness means the work is poorly done and will not last long.


What about the estimates?

How much time they spend in walking through your home and what preparations they will be doing make a huge difference in the overall quality of work in your project. There are chances that some contractors may offer you a cheap quote by skipping some preparation tasks or cutting corners or repair works.

So if you find something unsatisfying when they will be explaining about the estimates, consider it is the time to ax them.


How long is your warranty and what does it include?

This is when their quality comes into your sight. The painters who will not put the quality into their work will hesitate to give the warranty you are on the lookout for.

Besides, do not skip asking about the warranty includes. Does it include labor and paint?


So don’t forget to ask them these crucial questions before you decide on picking a contractor. What if you do not find a satisfying response? There are many other contractors that you can go to. Good luck with your quest in getting an excellent painter for your project. If you are in Florida, American Painting Corporation will address all your needs.