5 Things To Know Before You Start Your Painting Project

Regardless the size of a project, painting has always been a major renovation to spruce up the appearance of our home.

Most of us have used a paint brush. Whether it was for an entire room painting or painting just a small part of your cabinet or some other materials, we have the experience.

painting project

However, just because we have rolled the brush on some surface does not mean we have the ability to make any painting project a success. Only professionals have that ability.

These are the things you should better know before you start painting your home.


Preparing the surface

Preparation is a must. If you start rolling brushes on your walls without a proper preparation, no matter how quality paint you bring, the result won’t be a satisfying one. The paint will soon start cracking, peeling and flaking. The repair and repaint will be costly.

So a proper preparation including sanding and scraping the surface thoroughly will help you avoid such problems in future. Use soapy water to wash greasy marks and dust-free the surface by a clean cloth.

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Confirm Weather forecast

The best time for painting is when the air is dry and not humid or rainy. Also, you should avoid painting in snowy and extreme or extremely hot weather.

While painting interiors, open all the windows and doors to dry the paint. Then only go for the next coat of paint.


Precise Estimation

Have a clear idea about the total area you will be painting.

If you are unknown about the overall area, either you will be short of sufficient paint or you will have excessive paint left. If you run out of paint before the completion of the project, you have to prepare another bucket of paint that may not be identical to the first one. And if you have excessive paint left out, you wasted some cash. Either way, you will suffer a loss.


A planning for drying

Give your room a rest for a day before you put in furniture and other materials back in the room.


Don’t rush

Take your time in preparing the surface for painting and also don’t hurry in giving your paint a superb finish. Be careful and paint every corner and edges thoroughly. Tasks done in hurry may lead to negative outcomes.


Painting, we think, is one of the easy renovations in a home. In fact, somehow it is. However, if we take it too lightly, we may have to regret our costly mistake. So study the situation, plan well and paint your walls like never before.