Brick Painting

Painting brick can give your home a great look. However there are some things to consider before your decide on painting bricks. This can be tough and there remains the probability of the appearance being spoiled as well.

Brick Painting

As bricks are porous and absorb liquids, they absorb the paint as well. If the painting does not look good, then the turning back is pretty difficult. This reality may hit you hard.  So, before giving a final decision, consider these factors.


Brick: should you paint or not?

Bricks in actuality are not deliberated to be painted. If you decide to paint your exterior, then you should be acquainted about the fact that they need regular maintenance. And also they need paint every 4-5 years. Since painting brick is irreversible, you will not be able to bring back its original appearance no matter how.

Bricks over the course of time may experience weathering and staining. So that somehow supports the idea of yours to paint your bricks’ exterior.

Yet there is also a way out if your bricks are stained or weathered. Cleaning your bricks can reduce can reduce the stains and helps improving the looks of your home. In addition, power washing gives your bricks further improved looks. This can keep you staying away from painting your brick walls for a couple of more years.

Let’s get a slight understanding of one of bricks’ character. Bricks tend to trap moisture. When you paint over the bricks that have trapped a lot of moisture, the paints may peel and flake off. As the time passes by and the bricks start aging and degrading, the patches of flaked off and bubbling paint make the home look ugly. Applying another fresh coat of paint somehow revive the beauty of your home.


Painting bricks in interior

Bricks in interior parts of your home can be painted according to decors around. The right product and color of your paint for brick in your interior plays a huge role in enhancing the looks of your home. Since humidity is not a huge problem to concern in interior bricks, you have pretty advantages in painting bricks of your interior rather than painting those exterior walls.

As bricks are themselves beautiful, different designs can be put to further enhance the looks.


Taking help from a masonry contractor

Before you begin brick painting project, contact a masonry contractor to know the condition of your bricks. He can also assist you in deciding what kind of paint will be best for your home.

Brick painting can sometimes be tougher that what most of the people think. As you see the different factors that come into play, consider taking a help from professionals before deciding to roll a paint brush on your brick walls.