Ceiling Painting

So you are planning to apply a fresh coat of paint on your ceiling?  The initial thing you’ll need to do is determine if you will color the walls as well or perhaps only the ceiling.

Ceiling Painting

In case you are planning to color the walls as well, ensure you color the ceiling first, like that you do not have to bother about the leaking paints from the ceiling on painted walls.

When you have got your painting plan found out, you’ll need to choose your paint. Measurer the walls and ceilings and note down the measurement.  Provide these details to the paint suppliers you decide to purchase your color from and they’ll aid you in deciding simply how much color you are likely need to get the task done. As generally, having only a little additional is definitely a very important thing in-case you have to do extra touch ups at the end of the project.

The next phase is to eliminate furniture from the area, but if this is not practical, shift most of the furniture to middle area of the room and protect it properly with a drop clothes or plastic.

Next, protect the ground with plastic and ensure you apply the tapes properly to prevent paints reaching onto the floor.

Then you are prepared, but there’s yet another thing to put right before you choose what you will end up performing your painting with, and the thing is do you really need primer? The principle is when you would like to color around a color that’s shadier compared to color you have picked, then you should absolutely use a primer. This may ensure the brand new paint will not be affected by the previous color. It may also help you save time and income to put on a primer prior to the concluding color since the brand new shade will demand less layers of paint. Follow another measure with the primer as you’d with the concluding paint. Be sure you allow primer to dry for twenty four hours before you start painting.


Next thing would be to color the sides of the ceiling to reduce the quantity of color that gets on the walls.

When the preparation is completed you’ve a few possibilities:

  1. Get a color sprayer and apply the paint on the ceiling. It is a bit of wreck, nonetheless it gets the task performed, keep in mind should you that get plastic to cover the windows and other structures where you do not desire to get the paint. You can comfortable color over those paint particles on the walls but they difficult to remove from the windows and other glasses.


  1. Or make use of a roller to color as opposed to the sprayer. If you plan to use an extension poles or a ladder.


  1. Once you color your ceiling, the walls may be your next surface to paint. But make sure the ceiling is dried properly before you start painting your walls. If the ceiling is the only part of your room you paint, then you can proceed further for cleaning tasks and bringing furniture back to their own place.


I hope this article helps you if you are planning to paint the ceilings of your room. For further assistance, you can contact us.