Checklist Before Drywall Installation

So, have you finished wiring, framing, plumbing and other works in your basement? You are just a step away from getting the basement you desire.

Drywall Installation

A complete finish to your basement with a well-installed drywall and your basement is good to use the way you want. If you have done all the things rightly including those framing, plumbing and wiring, there are certain other heavy liftings to perform before the drywall installing crew visits your home.

Major ones are listed below.


Checking your blocking and studs

Before your drywall installers come, make sure you have installed all the required blocking. The blocking of 2 X 4s should be installed at the edges for grabbing the nails. So while inspecting the walls, make sure the studs are not causing the sticks to bow outwards or inwards. These kinds of defects result in lumped drywall. Although great drywall contractors will fix such issues themselves, all that glitters is not gold. At the end of the day, you will have yourself to blame this mistake on, and not the contractors.


Drywall insulation

If you are planning to turn your basement into a living room, a bedroom or a place that you will spend a lot of time, then insulation becomes a crucial part. For instance, if you turn your basement into a bedroom, you will soon realize how hugely you have messed up. Trust me; I had learned this the worst way 7 years ago. So spend some extra cash in installing the insulation at the ceilings of the basement and on the walls separating the HVAC or bathroom from the basement. Although thicker drywalls are also able to provide better insulation, those normal drywalls with some added insulation will cost lesser and can be more effective in comparison.

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Preparation to protection from dust

The basement will be covered in dust. Cutting and nailing of drywall lead to a bit of dusty basement. But the basement gets filled with dust when the contractors start sanding the drywall mud. So it’s better to empty the basement and if some materials cannot be shifted outside, cover all those stuff with paint-drop clothes or some other covering materials. Besides that, it’s better to turn off the A/C system for few hours. And also consider covering TVs, computers and other electronics while the project is running in underneath your floor.


So when you have a proper preparation for drywall to install in your basement, the professionals won’t take it long to give you the desired finish. These above mentioned are the major checklists before drywall installation. If you need any help from drywall contractors, click here.