How To Choose Unique Color Plans For Each Room In Your Home

While redecorating your home, room colors make a real impression. While choosing your color scheme or plan, it is important to choose something unique and different instead of simply repainting the same old colors after they have lost a little vividness over the years.

room color

Choosing a color can be easier if we break it down into individual rooms, giving us more options, and helping the entire house come together as a colorful palette of the lives we live inside our homes.


Deciding on a Color Plan for the Living Room

Colors for the living room can depend greatly on the style of décor you are planning to redecorate with. For modern, minimal designs, the classic white, grey, black, red and browns of the last couple of years have tended to move into light pastel colors, allowing a more brighter outlook in your living room, making it feel less like a fancy hotel and more like a fancy living space.

Living room can work great if you’re hanging out, watching a movie and spending the evening. Choosing a range of colors that can go well together is simply a case of choosing a color palette. Select three colors that show off the room to its best, one rich color, one neutral color and one lighter color. Play with light and shadows in the room to decide where to use the colors. Take benefits of the architecture of your living room, such as using a fireplace, cupboards, skirting boards and arches to be shown off in a new light with a different shade of color. Use a bold color on the main wall that the sofa is facing to be a focal point of the room, allowing the other colors to fade into the periphery and balance the room beautifully well.

Colors for the Kitchen

For the kitchen, make sure to choose bright colors with light tones, as kitchens have to be bright places that wake you up in the morning and give you a sense of freshness. Do not choose dark colors as dark colors can be off-putting and make cooking a dreary place to spend time.

Colors for the Bedroom

We spent a lot of time in the bedroom as a place to relax and get a good night’s sleep, so creating the ultimate lazy zone can get done simply with light shades of often dark colors. Blues, browns, greens, leathers and grays are a great neutral color plans for a relaxed mind, as well as for serving as a bright color in the morning to help you feel a little more alert. The most important sector in a bedroom is the bed, its position, and the paint color can help the bed become the centre of attention and also attraction, with the aid of pairing colors in different shades. Contact us at (561) 746 – 0098 if you want a good house painting service from our professionals.