How To Clean Your Painted Walls

Children touching walls by their grimy fingers, pets scraping the walls, accidental strike from some hard materials, the impacts from extreme weathers – it does not take long to destroy the beauty you put on your walls with a fresh coat of paint.


Whether it is the scuff marks or the untidy look, sooner or later you are going to get them on the walls. But you can delay such unwanted situation with these cleaning tips.


Maintenance of your wall paint

It’s just a little of a work there. The little preventive maintenance includes keeping your walls dust free with a regular vacuuming, wiping, mopping and other such cleaning methods. Also, any fingerprint or some other marks you see on your walls, take an action immediately to wipe them off your walls.


Cleaning walls painted with latex paint

Before you proceed in cleaning, dust free the walls by the above-mentioned method. Use a sponge and warm water mixed with a smooth cleaning agent to gently mop the walls to remove the marks. If there are tough marks, you can remove them with water and baking soda paste and using a smooth pad or a piece of cloth consecutively.

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Washing walls painted with oil-based paint

Instead of soaking the sponge or a piece of cloth, just dampen it with a mixture of white vinegar. Use it to gently mop the walls.


Cleaning matte painted walls

Be it an enamel paint or a semi-gloss paint, washing is not much of a tough task.  However, when it comes to cleaning flat paint, it is more straining job. The tiny pores on flat painted walls hold a lot of dirt making it harder to clean.  If you opt for harsh cleaners, it won’t take time to damage the paints although you can remove the dirt and marks off the walls.

Moreover, the more delay you do to clean such walls, the harder it becomes to make the cleaning effective.  So, how to clean flat painted walls?

Start with a gentle cleaning solution.

Use a smooth piece of cloth and warm water. If this does not become effective, you should opt for a melamine foam eraser. If this does not give you the satisfied result, try going for a stronger solution of laundry soap solution with warm water. Likewise, you can go further to stronger cleaning solutions if the cleaning agents do not work. And if all these fail, the only option that remains is the repainting of the wall.

Clean walls make your house look clean and healthy. The sparkling walls are appreciated by all. If you need any interior painting services and ideas, you can contact us at (561) 746 – 0098.