Revitalizing Your Molds With A Fresh Coat of Paint

Molding plays a crucial role in describing the designing style of a home. So keeping the molding in a great shape is a must for proper maintenance of a home. Beautiful moldings in great forms help to enhance the look and feel of your place hugely.


In the other hand, filthy and scuffed trims and moldings make a room look old and disregarded. No matter how well you paint walls and ceiling of your room, a room never achieves its peak attractiveness with run-down moldings and baseboard.

What if I say applying a fresh coat of paint can revive the beauty of your room? You may have just ignored molds painting throughout your life, but now it’s the time to give it a try. Painting the moldings is, on one hand, an easy renovation task and on the other hand, is a cost-effective approach to revive your interiors.


So which color should you paint your home’s moldings?

Yes, you got it right. White is never old. Bright white is the most popular color for baseboard, trims, and moldings. The clean and classy appearance never goes out of style when it comes to moldings paintings. White being such a color that looks great with any colored walls is what you can use to paint your moldings.


Picking a sheen

As baseboard, doors, and windows have to encounter a lot of hits and scratches, you need to protect these with high-gloss paint. Semi-gloss or high-gloss paints have a long-lasting finish which makes it smooth and comfortable to wipe down dirt and marks.


Repair or replace? A matter of concern!

Dents can be repaired; marks can be removed and minor defects can be fixed. However, sometimes the trims and molds get damages that are not worth repairing. Trying to fix such moldings with some repair tasks won’t help much in the enhancement of moldings. So if you have old and dilapidated moldings on your doors, baseboard or window casings, then the first thing you have to distinguish is whether you need to repair or replace the trims and moldings.


Painting your door: Giving it a new life

While you are busy freshening up the moldings on your door, don’t forget giving the door some renovation. A fresh coat of paint is more than enough to bring its lost beauty back in it.  Since a door is a part of a home that is constantly used, it frequently gets marks and scratches. So you should give your door a new coat of paint to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Given that you will most probably use bright white color for moldings, it’s better to use a color other than white for your door.

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