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Roof Coating Service in Jupiter, FL

America Painting Corporation, Jupiter, FL has the right technology, tools, and skills to restore the functionality of your roofs with roof coating services. We have provided our roof coating service to homes, apartments, hospitals, offices, public buildings, shopping centers, warehouse and so forth.

Roof coating can be done on aluminum roofs, monolithic roofs, single-ply roofs, metal roofs, built-up roofs, etc.

Our roof coating materials are seamless, completely adhered, and waterproof coatings. We have acrylic roof coatings, asphalt emulsions, solvent based asphalt roof coatings and solvent based silicone coatings.


Advantages of Coating Your Roofs

  • It acts as a barrier to protect roofs from dusts and UV rays.
  • It protects the roof from moisture
  • It reduces cooling bills by decreasing home’s interior temperature to some extent.
  • It extends roof life by protecting from possible water damages, UV rays, and other external factors.
  • Aesthetically, your roofs appear exquisite.


Roof Coating for Long Lasting Roofs

We all want to have a long lasting roof in our homes. For that, you should hire professionals for an unfailing roof coating. Professional roof coating not only protects your roofs from damages but also gives your roofs new life and beauty.

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