Things to Consider Before Selecting An Acrylic Roof Coating

Since roofing takes a huge chunk of investment in a home, it’s equally important to keep the roof in a great condition. As roof coating is a membrane that helps to protect the roof and expand the lifespan of roof shingles,

Acrylic Roof Coating


So while selecting a roof coat, it’s important to see how well it resists the UV rays. Since UV rays can damage the roof in a short period of time, the coating should be durable to withstand the sun rays and thereby protect your roof shingles for years. Since acrylic roof coating is elastic and tend to not lose its shape, they are a durable option to keep roofing shingles in a good condition for years.

Flexibility in extreme climates

Some roof coatings fail to stay fine in cold temperatures. Such coatings get cracked and damaged in cold winter nights. So while picking an acrylic roof coating, grab the one that is able to withstand cold temperature.

Resistivity to dust

An acrylic roof coating helps saving energy cost as it is able to reflect the sun’s heat away. If you apply a quality acrylic roof coating with dirt resisting quality, then it remains whiter and cleaner than the coatings that does not oppose dirt.  If you pick dirt resistance roof coating, then that the coating will be able to its job more efficiently for a longer period of time.


Since roof coatings are to protect the roof by acting as a layer above the roof substrates. So substrates with better adhesion is important to make the coating last longer. So while shopping for roof coating, make sure you pick a roof coating that can adhere to any kind of substrate be it metal substrates TPO, PVC or something else.

Ponded water resistance

Most of the roofs have some area where ponded water stays for long period of time. So some roof coatings may flake off, blister or get damages if they cannot withstand ponded water for a long period of time. So while deciding on an acrylic roof coating, don’t forget to check the ponded water resistance capacity of the coating.

So these are some of the major things of concern while selecting an acrylic roof coating. When you pick a right acrylic roof coating for your roof, then you can confidently leave your roof protection job to your roof coating.

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